What Be Freedom True

The flag wavers were not to be believed, sadly, we have learnt the hard way
For their promises of freedom were to buy a seat on the houses of power
To achieve their own means, to fill their own vaults, as they have always done
But you should have known that Friend, it has been happening globally
For centuries, and centuries, it is the way of the world, and always will be

A vote is nice, it buys you a tick on a ballot every 5 year, your own choice
Leaving you to witness the events that unfold before you, powerless
Plundering of the coffers, ignoring the needs of the people, the real people
Who need to eat, who need shelter, who need water, who need to work
For therein lies the promise of freedom; access to the basic needs of life

Give a man a hammer, and teach him how to use it to construct solid
Guide a woman to plant vegetables for her to feed her hungry children
Let the children read, read, read, just as they must play, play, play
For herein lies freedom true, the opportunity to live life in peace collectively
Harmonious with our neighbours, united with our environment, together

Freedom is love, freedom is respect, freedom is love, freedom is truth
Children playing together, safe in their communities, blind to segregations
Freedom is the ability to provide, freedom is the ability to enjoy, to breath
Clean air, pure air, in the countryside where clean waters pour down streams
Freedom is the gate that allows your core values and beliefs to manifest

You are owed nothing; you are owed nothing at all, least of all by the universe
Freedom is not a birthright; freedom is achieved by collective engagement
Where we stand together, work together, build together and maintain together
Respectful of each others’ needs, just as we hold the rights to our own beliefs
Freedom is work, and requires the same amount of effort as going to war


Look at me, looking through the window, wondering what is on the other side
Stained glass from long-settled dust distorts the visions of my fantasies
I cannot see what my mind is calling for; I have been in this hole for too long
And my ability to reach out to the world of colour has been darkened grey

I see clouds gathering over the filthy roofs of old houses, crammed together
And joined by the filthy smoke rising up into the air, uniting in polluting 
Where the birds once flew, where new ideas gathered to be discussed
By the angels, those who were meant to care for us, but hey left, dirty

I have been drinking dirty water. Oh no, I have been drinking dirty water
And I have not bathed properly; my skin is dry, and my self-esteem is low
“Who can care for you when you can’t care for yourself?” he said
The laughing rat eating old cheese in the corner, sipping on stale wine

I have sores on my body, but I feel no pain; I am either immune to it
Or I have simply forgotten the sensation. Yes, I have probably forgotten
Self-imprisonment, exile, reclusiveness, call it what you want is nothing
More than retreating from the world, withdrawing from people, and life

Too tired to sleep, too hungry to eat, and too wary to trust my instincts
As my words slur from my toothless mouth, oh Lord, it must look bad
No longer living with envy, and completely used up all of my anger
I am void of love, I live to breathe, and I hope to watch the sun set

Advanced Mind

Negative emotions are often erased over time once the mind has processed them and eventually forgiven and forgotten. However, the term of the process is never comfortable and often carries a great deal of pain.

An advanced mind can recognise that peace of mind is a choice which does not need to be governed by time. An advanced mind is therefore able to forgive and forget rapidly to return to its desired state of tranquility in a far shorter term

In my mind, this is a desired state to achieve and definitely worth striving for.

Why, Poet

Why do you shout so, Poet, with your words harsh and vigorously damning
Speak of things good, of happiness and joy, of friends and family, he said
As he climbed onto his motorbike and rode off through the nervous woods
To yet another inn, hopefully sufficiently ale-stocked to care for his thirst

Why do you attack so, Poet, she said to me, irritatingly irritated and loud
Of this great man who shall us save from the dangers of the deserts
Who’s people are born to harm us, us all, harm us all, yes, born to do so
So, let him build his walls high and empty our ports of new arrivals

Why do you moan so much, Poet, for these animals that we eat so gleefully
For eat we must, and meat we need, as we need sugar and wheat. Eat!
We must eat Poet, he said, through his double chin as he dribbled lazily
Onto his stained shirt of the blood of a lamb, who forgot to follow the sign

Why do you weep so, Poet, why do you weep sad tears while sitting alone
As the people flee their homes to unwelcoming lands, in terror of might
And mothers give their babies to strangers desperately begging them for life
For their child, who they never shall see again, hold again, nor ever know


They fought for different leaders, but for the same result
Different beliefs, but the wants and greed remain
They lived to survive, they battled and killed, the unknown
Whose blood splattered across the fields where grass once grew
And children played amongst flowers and barking dogs
Hungry now, eating anything that lies still, even in uniform

Merciless leaders dictating terms to equally stupid opposition
Who refuse to listen, no, for their ego forbids their hearing
Of a demanding tyrant, or an equally fearful despot
Unconcerned for any beside his own need, or greed
For which he sends men to fight, those of lower standing
Born to poorer parents, then supposed to be inferior

How ridiculous the system of social hierarchy, how absurd
That those born into a class assume superiority over others
Of supposed lower birth status. How incredibly stupid
And even less surprising when the people unite and rise
To be labelled as revolutionaries. Revolutionaries indeed
When all is required is the equality of life; simple freedom

Who dares stand before me and peer down at me, who
Are you stronger, are you richer, are you holier than me
For you, Friend, are my equal, regardless of your title
Kind or peasant, I shall greet you in the same manner
And offer you the same respect, which will be plentiful
Although I do not expect the same in return. I need it not