If They Too Were Free

They chained me to their ideas, their doctrines and their beliefs
And ordered me to march in a straight line, to the beat of their drum
Forcing me to look ahead, and see only what was offered by them
Never being allowed to glance from side to side, for they were scared
What there might be, what I might see, how I would feel if it were real
Ununiformed, uncut and unshaven, rebelling against all the is the norm
Threatening those who need to maintain the security of their structure
Providing strength in numbers, like little ants working for the queen

But their chains could not bind me, and their sticks broke on my back
As I scaled their walls of detention, their barriers to the vastness of truth
And I ran through the fields of dreams, rivers of hopes, oceans of life
To where I belong, a free spirit fly the clouds of imagination, living free
Singing songs never before heard, dancing steps never before seen
Painting colours on imaginary walls and making love in the clouds
Like angels would, if they could, presumably, if they too were free
To fly, like angels should, like we should, life feathers in the wind

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