She Needs

She needs me to love her, and let her emotions flow freely
To see through her words, her actions, and her moods
And discover what the root of her being is, anytime of the day
Allowing her to be her, and the centre of my heart, my true love

She needs to feel safe, as she has been taught to feel threatened
Trusting my strength as her foundation, which will be tested often
As she offers risqué options, in the faith of not being judged
And seeing me stand tall when she argues her option superior

She needs me to see her, and be aware of her emotional state
Without allowing it to affect me; a silent witness, I shall be
In tune to her messages, of whatever nature they are sounded
Hearing the silent cries, drying the dry tears, being there always

She needs to nurture me, just as I need to protect her endlessly
And she wants to see the cracks in my armour, she wants my trust
Through sadness, she flourishes in holding my hand, guiding warmly
For she is a woman, she is a guide, she is the pillar of love

She needs me to desire her, just as I do, and I desire no other
For her body, her mind, her heart and her soul consume my mind
And I comment frequently, I touch her, I hold her and I love her close
Because she is everything to me, my friend, my lover, my woman

She needs to be appreciated by me, and she needs to hear my praise
Of how she brings joy to my life, how she fulfils needs I cannot do myself
I embody the mindset of what she brings to my life, every single day
Ensuring that she is aware of my graceful gratitude, quietly given

She needs to be able to count on me, for I am the man, and I am strong
And she has to know that I shall not fall down when the winds blow hard
I shall not run and hide when it all becomes too much, for the weaker man
For I shall never give her reason to lose any trust in me, eternally

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