If You Can Understand

If you can understand
Patience and time must be married
This union shall bring about peace
Within, and all around
Eventually, Tibet shall be free
It is just a matter of time
Africa will flourish, magnificently
Human beings will reduce breeding
Animals will become free again
The angry will become less fearful
America will become less greedy
Religion will be seen as a belief
And not a universal truth
China will allow living rights
For all creatures, large and small
Obesity and starvation will join hands
For all to stand a fair chance of life
There are no winners in war
Male domination will be cease forever
And power will fall to the free
Free of intimidation and dictatorship
Of ego and greed
And that the true cause of suffering
Is the desire for attachments
Which can be let go forever
To allow harmony to flow in
It is just a matter of time
If you can understand

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