Thich saw me looking at a beautiful lavender
Elegant with its purple, strong with its green
Beautiful with its scent, graceful in its appearance
A wonder of nature, a luxury to withhold.

What do you see, he mask me very politely
In the quiet voice reserved for the wise alone
And I studied it closely, not understanding
For it was obvious to see the magnificence

Do you see the cloud, he asked, with a smile
And the water that has fallen from the cloud
To feed this plant to grow into what it has become
For without the cloud, there would be no plant

Do you see the sun, he said to the more intrigued
And the heat that it has feed to this lavender
Allowing it to grow into the beautiful flower it is
For you to hold and admire in its glory

Do you see the earth, from which it has fed
Collecting the foods that it needs to live
To grow and become strong, to mature
Into this wonder of nature, a true form of art

Do you see the wind, which carried this pollen
Or perhaps it was the bees, who delight in it
And their honey, all part of the grand scheme
Of interdependence, of interconnection

Do you see that we all all one, interdependent
And that separateness is only an illusion
For in fact we are one, all unit by energy
Relying upon each other, living for each other

3 thoughts on “Thich

  1. Thich Naht Hanh (did I spell that right?) is a great one for musings on interdependence. I see (feel) the universe in a cup of tea thanks to his amazing insight.

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