We Need

We need to breath clean air
Which we do not practice
Yet smoke cigarettes
And create endless smog

We need to drink clean water
Yet very few drink enough
Preferring flavours of variety
Often enhanced to mind alter

We need to eat fruits and vegetables
Though we prefer to eat meat
Killing animals at will, needlessly
Ensuring that eating is a luxury

We need to exercise every day
Even for 30 minutes a day
yet so few people really do
And then question depression

We need to stimulate our minds
For the majority of it is unused
As we tunnel our vision from birth
guided by the victims before us

We need to rest, mind and body
Allowing calm to take control
And let our bodies rejuvenate
For another new day, rain or shine

That is all we need to do, no more
And we would all be very healthy
Peace would be as free as the birds
But we don’t.; how bizarre

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