Watching You Grow

Just yesterday you were a tiny baby in my arms, stealing my heart forever
Reminding me of the joys of life, the reasons to live, unconditional love
Filling my days with happiness and robbing my nights of sleep, merrily
As I adored you more with every second passing, more and more

Today you are a big little girl, and I am no longer your hero, in public
More often your deepest embarrassment, like a wart that will not die
As you shun my affection in front of friends, and love to prove me wrong
Assuring me that there is nothing that I can teach you; nothing at all

You challenge my every decision, my every move that I make, proudly
Going against everything that I have ever learnt: respect your elders
So I breathe deeply, learning to alter my belief structure, for the truth
For you are becoming you, not in my mould, but you, and I smile

Constantly I need to turn my face to hide this smile as I secretly applaud
Your bravery, your strength of character, and your self-esteem and values
Standing tall in the face of my overbearing presence, stating your case
Which will be proudly broadcast, unless proven wrong. By another only

You are more you than I ever was, and I learn from you to become me
Free of society demands, a strong mind with freedom of expression
Encouraged to let go of whatever serves you not, keeping all of value
To your mind, your heart and your soul. Living the life of love

You tease me as much as I tease you, and we laugh until we cry
Openly you demand what you require of me, in particular my time
Which is my pleasure and honour to give, watching you grow, learning
Loving you more than I thought I could, more every day, I love you

The setting sun reminds me that you should bath, to which you object
Pointlessly, but your reaction has again given me secret smile a start
Remembering our quiet time together as we walked along the beach
Where you never let go of my hand, for an hour, you held me hand

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