I See

Years have passed, my skin wrinkles, my eyes are weaker
But I can see clearly now, for my mind is clearing, calming
Releasing all the garbage that was forced into it tortuously
In the name of education, civilization, they said. Barbarians

I can see that the strong are not those who fight, no
For the fighters are the weak, the frighten, the insecure
Angry and hungry hyenas savaging for the next meal
Moving in a pack, afraid to be alone, wary of the lion

I see the strong as those who offer the hand of peace
Standing alone, all alone, stopping a train of tanks
Always mindful of the needs of others, living mindfully
Powered by the inbred wisdom of what is right and wrong

I see the wise are not those who shout loudly for all to hear
On top of the hill, lights shining and words thundering
But the quiet ones who listen, offering advice when asked
And spending many hours solving their problems within

I see the beautiful not as those who adorn fine silks and wools
Parading like walking mannequins, fooling themselves only
But those who serve, who love, who give unconditionally
Of themselves, compassion, love, tolerance and peace for all

I see the wealthy not as those residing in mansions with fences
But those who open their doors to strangers, their hearts too
Who give as they can, who offer all, whilst asking for nothing
And then sleep on the floor offering their bed to the weak

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