Play in the Park

Tears fall from the devastated soul of the Mona Lisa
Ignoring the blood stains on the Champs-Elyees
The Arc de Triomphe reminds the people of unity
And the Eifel Tower rattles in it frustration and anger

The Jeito Grotto darkens, forsaking the sun rays
And the plants wither in the Rene Moawad Gardens
The snow melts on the Mzaar Kfardebian
But the blood stains the streets of Beruit still, forever

Aso Rock lowers it’s eyes, forlorn in sorrowful morn
And the animals of Yankari hide beneath trees
Nigeria’s good people head for the Abuja Mosque
And the National Church, united in prayer for peace

The huge locks of the arsenals are being unlocked
As the powers that be meet, angry, frustrated, tired
Of hoping for sanity to prevail, for humanity to breathe
Confusing vengeance and justice, yet growing excited

One drop of blood always breaks the dam walls
And now it shall flow, unwelcomed, so unwelcomed
So many will die, too many will die, oh why, oh why
In this madness of arrogance, dogmatic fools. Morons

He said we should give peace a chance, he sang
They gather and they pray, the demand, they expect
As we no longer allow our children to walk to school
Or play in the park. No, it is unsafe to play in the park

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