Even the smallest flame can lead to a massive inferno
A smouldering log, a tiny spark, all as lethal as lightning
Burning, yearning to spread through the dry logs of anger
Long forsaken by the rains of love, forgiveness and hope

Deep burns that flame within, the one hidden with the body
Hidden from the conscious mind, but destroying the soul
Slowly, often too slowly to feel, until the hole grows big
The burn begins to ache, causing action, wild reaction

Most dangerous of all is the flame, this burn, this hurt
Of anger, frustration, confusion and misunderstanding
Of how to let go of the pains that dwell within, eating
Destroying the opportunity of peace within, calm waters

Stop, sit, breath, and see what it is that burns, and why
For you alone need to discover the smouldering logs
The smoking coals, hidden beneath the clouds of dark
You alone can need to find this heat, and calm it

With love, with forgiveness, with understanding
Of yourself, of who you are, and why you are you
Where you come from, where you have been
And where you are going to. Go calm, go happy

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