Never Shall You

Never shall you love another, until you have learnt to love yourself
Your true self, your authentic self, and the self you were created as
The same self that our parents and teachers lure us away from
Indoctrinating us into conformity, alleviating fears of alienation

Never shall you forgive another until you have forgiven yourself
Of the burdens you have carried, of the regrets that have blurred
Your soul, your ability to be free of guilt, of the tarnish painted
Within yourself, by yourself, so often unwarranted; debilitating

Never shall you understand another until you understand yourself
The highs and lows of your emotions, the joys and sorrows
The confusions with change, the excitement of growth and age
All wisdom, deep wisdom never to be learnt from books alone

Never shall you show true compassion to any living being
Until you have learnt true compassion for yourself within
To love yourself, to forgive yourself, to understand yourself
And to allow yourself to find your own path to peace and freedom

5 thoughts on “Never Shall You

  1. A good solid message there Adrian. I used to listen to talks by Leo Buscaglia, and one of his lines was “You cannot teach what you have not learned”. In the context of your poem, it simply stresses that if you do not love yourself, you cannot possibly love somebody else. Thx for sharing. Colin.

  2. Very wise words indeed. Indeed, authentic life experience is the greatest teacher. No amount of books in the world can replace it. Many thanks for following my work. I hope you are having a great weekend. Warmest regards.

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