Happy Faces

Don’t knock, come in, my door is open, to you, to all
Please come in, please sit down, may I offer you anything
I see you are angry, and I am sorry. Did I cause you anger
Please sit, please sit, please talk to me, please talk to me

I am really sorry that you feel that way; I am deeply sorry
My intention was never to hurt you, please understand that
But hear me, I beg you, that I am so deeply grateful to you
For sharing with me your frustration, your pain, your hurt

Now I can see you how the grass grows low on your field
I understand the anguish you feel with the river dries fast
Please bring your containers, my dams are full, please hurry
For today I can help you, today I want to help you. Please

Perhaps we could build a canal to fill your dam rapidly
Yes, that would be quicker, far more successful. Yes indeed
No, I have more water than I need, more but importantly
I need you to thrive, for we are interdependent; totally

My success is dependent on yours, as yours is on mine
There is so much to share, including deep responsibility
Work, blood, sweat and toil, we need to share it all
For the sun prefers to set on smiling faces, happy faces

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