I Can

I know, I know, I am but one, just one man
But I believe that I can make a difference, I can
Like a mosquito in a room at night, I know I can
And I must, for my child, and yours, I know I must

I can stand before a line of tanks, halting the attack
Or place a flower in the barrel of a rifle, hugging a soldier
I can speak to the masses convincing of love and understanding
And I can sit beneath the treen freeing my soul eternally

I can work with the poor, even if only an hour a day
Feed a hungry dog who is lost, or perhaps a stray cat
Not eat any animals for a while, ending the killing
Or just smile at a lonely stranger, with pure sincerity

There is so much that I can do, and perhaps you may follow
And perhaps your neighbour too, and his neighbour too
For it is so easy to make peace a lifestyle, a common habit
I can do it, I believe that I can, and I am doing it now

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