Their Mission

She said “what can I do?. How can I help?
I am a mother of three, I have not the time?
I so want peace for my children, so want it
But I am alone, three children, what can I do?”

He said ” you are more important than any
For you are the mother, the teacher, the guide
Show your children that there is no path to peace
That peace is the path, the only path

Teach that it will always be better to give
To serve, to offer love, compassion, understanding
That forgiveness is mightier than any gun or sword
And that your children are the future, our future

Guide them to know that peace begins within
To love themselves,to live without ego and anger
True humility will bring more happiness than fame
And that the quiet voice will always prevail in truth

Show that wealth can never be shown by assets
But in health, in freedom, in tranquility with all
And the greatest men of all where those of honor
Who stood tall when others began to fall

Ask them to stand, stand for what is right, true
For not standing means standing for nothing
A soul full of virtues is mightier than the money
A heart full of love is the loudest call of all

Teach them Mother, for you are their leader
Your dialogue in crisis will present your truth
With your gentle and loving touch of love
Preparing your sacred children for their mission

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