Children Of Africa

We are the sons of the brutal and we are the fathers of the scared
We have witnessed the horrors, and we fear for tomorrow’s rage
Kin and friends have flown afar to build lives new away from toil
Yet we have stayed, and stay we shall, for we shall right wrongs
Of yesterday, of today, and work for a better tomorrow for all
For this is our duty, we have benefited, now shall repay with pride
And the love of our land, our people, our cultures and our children
Our children of different colours and varied tongues, our children
We are children of Africa, no matter our tongues, children of Africa

On The Other Side

People suffer from obesity, while others starve to death
Families enjoy time together, others mourn their sad loss
Happy people play in the parks, desperate ones beg for bread
Wealthy people count their dollars, poor mourn the cost
How different life can be on the other side of the ocean

Donald Trump

He was a humble man, Jesus, a shepherd, a carpenter
A man of simple cloth, from a very modest home
He spoke love, forgiveness, peace and harmony
Tolerance.and.understanding., and servitude
He spoke of generosity, of compassion for all
The poor, the sick, the animals, he spoke for all
And today people worship him, adore him
Pray to him as their savior, the son of God

To a simple man, it would make perfect sense
That to worship him so, one should emulate him
Live as he did, simply, honestly and with humility
Not needing anything besides health and strength
To serve those in need, to help those who call
And give all that you have to benefit others
For therein lies happiness and peace

Men drive to massive cathedrals to worship
Living in enormous homes, driving luxury cars
Dressed in the finest clothes and  shoes!
Praying and singing in the name of Jesus
While trying to emulate Donald Trump
Donald Trump!
Yes, something has gone very wrong
Very wrong indeed