From Her

Be gentle with my heart, and gentle with my soul
For I have walked through dark days before
And carry memories with scars lying deep
To my place of freedom, where I am today
Let me fly free when the warm winds blow
For always shall I return to your loving arms
And let me dance in the rain, or dance with me
Allow my moods and passions to flow like waves
Inconsistent, vibrant, misunderstanding truth
For this is me, this is who I am, this is who I am
And I shall forever be true, to you forever
Loving you as so deeply as the universe is vast
As your belief in me allows my life authentic
Like mine in you, together we will walk true


Coal fires burn where gentle should pour cool
Fuelled by his rage within, driven by hatred
And torment, delirious confusion blind
Stumbling into brick walls and wire fences
Forsaken by love he breathes resent profusely
Pouring blame upon all who can hear, furiously
Yet not once, did he open the flood gates of wrath
And allow this to flow away, like hot lava
Flowing away down the hills of the volcano
That shall eventually cool, and find peace


Could there be a rose without a thorn, forever red on a stem strong
Or a river that flows eternally, serenely towards the ocean
Could there be à beautiful bird who shall fly high and free
Returning home, happily, returning home, secure in warmth
Could there be a candle that shall forever burn with love
Never to be dosed by rain not wind, never to be dosed in doubt
Could there be a hand that shall forever hold, strong in grace
Offering without wanting, giving without expecting, true