The Forest

The forest is dark, it is wet, it is filled with strange sounds and scary groans
And I have walked beneath these trees for a long, long time, just walking
Sometimes climbing, often for curiosity, but more frequently for safety
From the hunting creatures of the night, those that need to kill to eat
Making me nothing more than a target for a meal, low on the food chain
With my limited ability to defend myself against creatures of majestic might

But never does a day pass when I fail to remind myself that even in this darkness
There is life, constantly growing around me, welcoming me with open leaves
Providing food and shelter from branches of life, happy to see me nourished
In health, fulfilling their need to remain part of the infrastructure called life
Where ever living being has a role to play, always interdependent, and balanced
For it is in this harmony that air will flow from this forest as fish swim in the sea

The sun never fails me, constantly sending arrows of warm light through the trees
And the birds frolic above us all, singing so cheerfully as they bask in their glory
Of being alive in a vibrant society of no greed, no ego, no anger and no desire
I sit in the pond near the waterfall, soaking in the coolest of pure water, dreaming
That if there was a place called heaven, then this must be it, even in the darkness
If in darkness, there is light, in light, there is life, and in life, and in life, there is love