Alone He Stands

Alone he stands, his powerful feet connecting him to this earth, grounded
A thousand eyes he sees, staring at him, aimlessly, like gazing into the sun
Emotionless faces, unable to see him through their clouds of confusion
Separated from the ability to be, to live in the moment, being as it is meant to be

Quietly he sits, under the tree that shades him with cool wisdom of solitude and insight
As they rush past, trying to forget about yesterday and catch tomorrow
Of disguised visions and dreams that they are certain will ensure endless happiness
Targets to be met, goals to be reached, friends and family to be impressed

Deep he breathes this beautiful air, filling his body with the most vital need of all
And he listens to his mind calm, ignoring the mass of activity before him, warring ants
Running, rushing, fighting and killing to get there first, to beat the other, to win
Without ever understanding the true cost, oblivious to the obvious interdependence