The Flood

Where hides the wise man who’s every word uttered is entirely true
In the deepest and darkest cave of the thickest of forests perhaps
Or on an island yet discovered by another person who carries lies
Possibly walking through the dunes of the arid desert with his camel
He disguises himself well, like a chameleon on a branch of honesty

The tall and flamboyant cathedrals have been searched thoroughly
Not a corner of the temples and mosques remain unsighted
In search of he that has lived by what is preached daily, weekly
Yearly of for many centuries that they have indoctrinated
The very listeners who try to gather more, regardless of truth

Loud they shout, the readers of the books that dictate virtues
That are inherent in every new-born child, the nature of truth
Untouched and scarred by the teaching of this bizarre way of life
Where more is important, regardless of the cost to all affected
And those who are not, the innocent bystanders seeing the flood

Here I do

I open my chest, and I lay my heart on the table before you
You can see it beating, you can touch it, you could prod it if you wanted to
I open my head and I lay my brain upon the table before you
You can see it thinking, pondering, searching, wondering and creating
I open my being and I lay my soul on the table before you
Now you know me, you know who I am; I am naked before you

For I am a poet, and to write, this is what I need to do
Fearless in my purpose, focused on my intention of telling my story
As this is what I do, this is all that I do. I tell stories
Of how I see life, oh how I see you, my understanding of living today
And the questions I wish were answered someday
Probing, trying to find the answers to questions that nobody asks

I ask you not for compliments, although they are welcome
Just as I welcome criticism, which often I appreciate even more
I am grateful that you have read my thoughts, I truly am
To hopefully have made you think a while, without any need to agree
I claim not to be right, nor embrace a position superior
But I simply exercise my right to voice my opinion, which here I do

For All

Who fights in the name of peace, I ask you, soldiers of the confused
Bullets flying where birds once did, canon roars louder than thunder
Children fall, no, not in play, as their blood fills the streets of shame
As their widowed mothers plead to their gods to take them too

Beat not your child, you of narrow mind, your eyes tightly closed
Misunderstanding makes it not wrong, no, it makes you wrong
For you have failed your child, you have failed yourself, you failed
To learn what it is to find your child’s path, not one that you chose

Put down your bow and arrow, and let the beautiful deer run free
Eat the plant and the roots that grow below you and all around
For this is what you need, and no more, unless you are fed by greed
Which will fatten your body, confuse your mind and kill your soul

Take not that shining stone from the ground, it belongs there
You have no need for it, absolutely none, regardless of its sparkle
Leave it for the rivers’ waters to smooth, and let it find its path
Without your interference, let it be, just as it is meant to be

Free yourself of what you have been taught, indoctrinated for years
To discover who you really are, and what you can really do here
Find you purpose, find it. It is within you, your core beliefs
And practice them to the betterment of others, and for all


Never shall you be noble until you see the equality in everyone
Never shall you know love until you can love unconditionally
Never shall you be kind until you have no expectations and demands
Never shall you be strong until you can care for a tiny baby
Never shall you be wealthy until you have forsaken greed
Never shall you be calm until you carry not the burden of anger
Never shall you be wise until you see the genius in everybody
Never shall you know beauty until you see the rising sun
Never shall you know gratitude until drinking from a desert well
Never shall you be tranquil until you can have forgiven everyone
Never shall you be truly loved until you relinquish your ego
Never shall you know peace until you have your peace within

Come Home To Me

“I shall lie here awake, until you come home” said the mother
At 4am, her irritated daughter, tainted by wine and smoke
Smudged mascara and stains on her blouse, and dirty shoes
For long had been the night, as many before, and more to come

“I shall wait for you, without anger, until I know you are safe”
She said calmly, before covering herself with her blankets
Falling asleep, in the warmth of her bed, the quiet of her home
Secure in the knowledge that her child is safely home in the nest

“I shall wait for you” I heard this quiet voice say “I shall wait for you”
I looked around to discover from whom this angelic sound arose
To find that just an open field of flowers, where white doves flew
Rejoicing in the luxury of freedom, a blue sky of endless heights

“Within yourself, I shall wait for you” she repeated, maternally
And I knew that it was me, the voice was mine, from within
Gently reminding me that she was there, and always had been
Waiting for me to come home, like my mother, waiting with love

“Who are you?” I called out, my voice flowing over the fields
Through the colours of the flowers, and the waving leaves
Over the trees where the white doves had settled, cooing at me
Inviting me to join them on their branch of unity, on the olive tree

“I am peace” she said, and I live within you, and I always have
And never shall I leave you, no matter what you do. Never
Come home to me, open my door, and let me flow like a river
Of love through this field of flowers, and you shall be free




Look at me, looking through the window, wondering what is on the other side
Stained glass from long-settled dust distorts the visions of my fantasies
I cannot see what my mind is calling for; I have been in this hole for too long
And my ability to reach out to the world of colour has been darkened grey

I see clouds gathering over the filthy roofs of old houses, crammed together
And joined by the filthy smoke rising up into the air, uniting in polluting 
Where the birds once flew, where new ideas gathered to be discussed
By the angels, those who were meant to care for us, but hey left, dirty

I have been drinking dirty water. Oh no, I have been drinking dirty water
And I have not bathed properly; my skin is dry, and my self-esteem is low
“Who can care for you when you can’t care for yourself?” he said
The laughing rat eating old cheese in the corner, sipping on stale wine

I have sores on my body, but I feel no pain; I am either immune to it
Or I have simply forgotten the sensation. Yes, I have probably forgotten
Self-imprisonment, exile, reclusiveness, call it what you want is nothing
More than retreating from the world, withdrawing from people, and life

Too tired to sleep, too hungry to eat, and too wary to trust my instincts
As my words slur from my toothless mouth, oh Lord, it must look bad
No longer living with envy, and completely used up all of my anger
I am void of love, I live to breathe, and I hope to watch the sun set