Look at me, looking through the window, wondering what is on the other side
Stained glass from long-settled dust distorts the visions of my fantasies
I cannot see what my mind is calling for; I have been in this hole for too long
And my ability to reach out to the world of colour has been darkened grey

I see clouds gathering over the filthy roofs of old houses, crammed together
And joined by the filthy smoke rising up into the air, uniting in polluting 
Where the birds once flew, where new ideas gathered to be discussed
By the angels, those who were meant to care for us, but hey left, dirty

I have been drinking dirty water. Oh no, I have been drinking dirty water
And I have not bathed properly; my skin is dry, and my self-esteem is low
“Who can care for you when you can’t care for yourself?” he said
The laughing rat eating old cheese in the corner, sipping on stale wine

I have sores on my body, but I feel no pain; I am either immune to it
Or I have simply forgotten the sensation. Yes, I have probably forgotten
Self-imprisonment, exile, reclusiveness, call it what you want is nothing
More than retreating from the world, withdrawing from people, and life

Too tired to sleep, too hungry to eat, and too wary to trust my instincts
As my words slur from my toothless mouth, oh Lord, it must look bad
No longer living with envy, and completely used up all of my anger
I am void of love, I live to breathe, and I hope to watch the sun set

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