Come Home To Me

“I shall lie here awake, until you come home” said the mother
At 4am, her irritated daughter, tainted by wine and smoke
Smudged mascara and stains on her blouse, and dirty shoes
For long had been the night, as many before, and more to come

“I shall wait for you, without anger, until I know you are safe”
She said calmly, before covering herself with her blankets
Falling asleep, in the warmth of her bed, the quiet of her home
Secure in the knowledge that her child is safely home in the nest

“I shall wait for you” I heard this quiet voice say “I shall wait for you”
I looked around to discover from whom this angelic sound arose
To find that just an open field of flowers, where white doves flew
Rejoicing in the luxury of freedom, a blue sky of endless heights

“Within yourself, I shall wait for you” she repeated, maternally
And I knew that it was me, the voice was mine, from within
Gently reminding me that she was there, and always had been
Waiting for me to come home, like my mother, waiting with love

“Who are you?” I called out, my voice flowing over the fields
Through the colours of the flowers, and the waving leaves
Over the trees where the white doves had settled, cooing at me
Inviting me to join them on their branch of unity, on the olive tree

“I am peace” she said, and I live within you, and I always have
And never shall I leave you, no matter what you do. Never
Come home to me, open my door, and let me flow like a river
Of love through this field of flowers, and you shall be free



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