For All

Who fights in the name of peace, I ask you, soldiers of the confused
Bullets flying where birds once did, canon roars louder than thunder
Children fall, no, not in play, as their blood fills the streets of shame
As their widowed mothers plead to their gods to take them too

Beat not your child, you of narrow mind, your eyes tightly closed
Misunderstanding makes it not wrong, no, it makes you wrong
For you have failed your child, you have failed yourself, you failed
To learn what it is to find your child’s path, not one that you chose

Put down your bow and arrow, and let the beautiful deer run free
Eat the plant and the roots that grow below you and all around
For this is what you need, and no more, unless you are fed by greed
Which will fatten your body, confuse your mind and kill your soul

Take not that shining stone from the ground, it belongs there
You have no need for it, absolutely none, regardless of its sparkle
Leave it for the rivers’ waters to smooth, and let it find its path
Without your interference, let it be, just as it is meant to be

Free yourself of what you have been taught, indoctrinated for years
To discover who you really are, and what you can really do here
Find you purpose, find it. It is within you, your core beliefs
And practice them to the betterment of others, and for all

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