About Adrian J Mitchell

Adrian J Mitchell is an internationally acclaimed poet, and globally recognized as The Poet for Peace. His poetic journey began at a full examination of his inner being, which included his acknowledgement and successful management of being a victim of depression, all the way through to finding a wonderful sense of inner peace and serenity. Adrian has written about this journey and all that has crossed his path on the way in his wonderful collection of poetry, his 6 books, originating in 2011.

Born in Johannesburg in 1963, and raised there until completing university studies in 1985, Adrian lives in Cape Town, South Africa, a very proud and devoted father of a wonderful daughter who he is unashamed to admit is the love of his life. He has various business interests including Aviation, Information Technology, Property and Security.

In the poet’s words:

“Life does not come easily to those who choose to walk the road less travelled, for those who seek in the darkest places for the tiniest hope of light. I hope that I never find it because the search has been wonderful.

I am a poet, and I write because I love expressing what I see with the use of words. I express an emotion from what I see around me, and love to acknowledge my feelings about that by writing a poem about it.

I have been very fortunate in my life, because many emotions have hurled themselves at me, demanding recognition. I have loved, and hated, won, and lost, laughed and cried, lived, and wished to die. I have learned happiness and I have learned pain, and I stand grateful to all of my teachers that I have encountered over my journey.

I have successfully dealt with depression in years past, hence, a lot of my early poems are about depression. I have not written them to make people feel bad, but rather to allow people to read what it feels like to have major depression. To the sufferers, know this; you are not alone, and like me, you can recover to lead a very happy and successful life.

Many people do not understand depression and how dramatically it affects a life. To quote a psychiatrist I once met “Having cancer is better than having depression, because cancer kills you quicker.” Hence, I ask of you, be gentle with those who suffer. It is living hell.

That being said, I write a lot about life too, so there is often humour in a lot of what I have to say. I have a “thing” about inequality, greed, ego and decadence, which I write frequently about it. I seem to live in my dream of peace and happiness for all, and therefore write about that vision often too.”

Adrian J Mitchell is published in ebook format only, which aligns to Adrian’s attempt to use less trees for paper.

83 thoughts on “About Adrian J Mitchell

  1. Ahahah, love your intro! Thank you for the follow.Please be aware that my blog is a bilingual one.
    So you may get links to some poems in English as well as to some in Italian…
    I’m trying to keep the posting balanced between the two languages.

    • Hey Anna, Thanks for reading!

      How are you doing Friend? Your site is lovely, and I am happy to read whatever you write in English. MY Italian is limited to “Come sei bella”.

      Cioa bella

  2. Thanks for sharing your story, Adrian. I think that’s what poetry is for, to expose the deepest depths, the highest bliss, everything in between… what I mean is, if it doesn’t come from the depths of soul, it has no meaning to me. I post my poetry, even the darkest stuff, because not only might someone learn about what it’s really like to have major depression, but someone who suffers in any way can know that they are not alone. Besides, it’s therapeutic – cathartic at times, isn’t it?

  3. Thank you for leaving a remark in my blog and liking ‘Spiders web’ . I am new to the world of poetry so any feedback is welcome. Stay blessed in the path of writing.

  4. Isn´t it so…?

    “Life does not come easily to those who choose to walk the road less traveled, for those who seek in the darkest places for the tinniest hope of light”
    That was a great soothing reminder in my otherwise rather cloudy hour now…

    And also you managed to put a smile on my face:

    “I am very happily divorced ( There is a God! ). I have no intention of ever returning to death row.” :))

    I really hope that at some point your seeking “stops” and that the “light” comes to you, cause
    that light surpasses anything one can fathom….


    Depression…I have been there. Wandering in those gloomy valleys…all by yourself, with nothing but the dream of light as the only guidance.

    “Inequality, greed, ego and decadence”…that´s also what I too frequently write about.

    Best regards for now,


  5. Thanks for the follow! Your introduction is lovely and a warm invitation to your world of poetry. I have suffered through spells of depression and I think that it is so brave of you to share your feelings with the world. You are doing those a great service who haven’t the gift of putting emotion to paper, by shining a light on an often misunderstood illness. 🙂

    • Hi Laurie,

      Thank you for reading, and thank you for your lovely note. It seems that too many of us have this problem, and it is liberating to be able to stand in front of the stone throwing crowd, and admit that in fact, I have it too.

      Lots of love,


  6. Adrian,
    I like to speak a combination of alternating between Olde English then Afrikaans. Then French, Olde German, Latin… and… no. Not really, nope. I do not know Afrikaans. Well, since you spoke of depression, I am acquainted with a strangulation of sadness factor. Too well acquainted. So on my “Swiss Army Knife” I have facetiousness to cut out of many griefs. I try to avoid cutting myself or others. But I understand some sadness. Human mental torture traps. I have separated myself from a mostly perfectly bad family. White sheep in a grey sheep family. Ug!
    Good luck in your endeavors. May the wind be at your back as you tread the moving canvas!

    • Sir,

      I am so grateful that you have shred this with me. It is heartening to know that there are others out there who live through the same hell as we do. It seems to bring comfort.

      I am awfully sorry that you have to live with pain though, and I pray that peace will find you sooner rather than later.


  7. Thanks for following, I will follow you back. Depression and getting a life back was my struggle for years. I see that you can write about it much better than I do! I think it is important for people to know that they are not alone living with depression, and also that there is hope. What you do is important. Keep going!
    God bless!


  8. Good morning, Adrian!

    Thank you not only for such an honest and open introduction of yourself, but for sharing such beautiful words with us. I’ve really enjoyed reading your poetry and look forward to reading much more. I went through a serious time of depression and even though I’m finding it easier to face the world with an optimistic (sometimes foolishly so) and positive outlook, I still struggle at times. I wonder how this may have effected me had I stumbled across your blog during the darker times. I think it is wonderful that you share your innermost thoughts not only to express those feelings within but to let others know that they are not alone. Thank you for following my blog as well. I hope we can share a lot of great stories and words and maybe even inspire each other!

    Thank you again and good luck in everything. I will look for future poems as I follow you along on your black canvas!


    • Hey Rose!

      Thank you for your lovely mail. You have brought me great happiness.

      I have lived in shame of depression for as long as I can remember, yet revealing to myself, and then the world, that I have a real disease has made a huge difference. On bad days, it reminds me that I am not alone, which brings huge comfort.

      Lots of love to you,


  9. Hey Adrian! You started following my blog so I wanted to check out your blog and say, “Hi!” I think it’s great that you’re open about your experiences with depression. A lot of people try to keep such things hidden. I don’t think this helps anyone, instead it feeds unnecessary shame and isolation. I’ve had struggles with depression in the past too. Anyway, it’s a pleasure to e-meet you and I’m gonna go poke around a bit on your blog now. Celeste 🙂

  10. Hi there. Thank you for visiting and following my blog! Bless you for writing poetry that rhymes, and for having a sense of scansion and meter. Good vocabulary, too. I look forward to trading thoughts with you!

  11. Hey Adrian 🙂

    Thanks for visiting & following my blog! You have an awesome one yourself! Looking forward to reading some more of your poetry…

    Best Wishes ~ Lilian

  12. Hello Adrian , thank you for stopping by and following my blog I am pleased to meet you so do stop by when ever you feel like it. I cannot know you experience with depression , but I have had to cope with depression from both the perspective of the carer and the sufferer! Be well and happy!!

    • Thank you my friend for reading my blog. I am very grateful.

      Depression is a ghastly torturer, with no desire to kill. It seems to thrive on us surviving. What kind of humour is that? (I am laughing as I write!!!)

      I have found that writing about my illness has allowed great release, especially of guilt and shame, and coming to find that there are so many people out there who also suffer has brought immense relief.

      I hope that you suffering dsyas were few, and are over now.

      • Smiling too, as your words rang true. As you know the black dog (my name for depression) is always lurking. I have written about depression and many other things in life find a great release too. Poetry has saved me. Be well be happy be blessed. Xxx

  13. Just beautiful! Thanks for following, too. Depression is the burden of understanding. I used to consider it a curse, but burden is a better description. The lows make the highs that much sweeter. I’m still not sure if we choose our path or if it is chosen for us. I think a bit of both. Keep fighting the good fight!

  14. You have been very expressive in your introduction which shows your poetry would also be expressive and kindling the spirit.
    Depression sets in at the most unusual hour and at the most unwanted time.
    Everyone, in a way less or more would have undergone the stress .
    Learning to overcome it is a technique.
    Poetry is one source which gives you an outlet.
    So much for that.Thanks for following my blog.
    Hope you find my poetry interesting.

  15. Adrian, I don’t know what prompted you to stop by my blog and beginning following, but I truly appreciate it. Hopefully as you have an opportunity to go thru some of my older posts you will find many that entertain you. Congrats on the divorce, i know what a significant weight is lifted with it is complete. Because I suffer from COPD, have come to learn a lot about depression, and the impact it can have on one. Keep fighting the good fight. Keep writing about that which helps relieve the pressure. From time to time I write directly about COPD and the direct impact it has, including depression. It helps to vent, please take care, and again thank you for spending some time with my blog. Take care, Bill/

    • Hi Bill,

      I contacted you because we have a similar problem, and to be able to admit it to ourselves, and then to the world, is a definite step in the right direction. We need each other through this, and I appreciate your friendship.

  16. Good reading your bio, I too have struggled with depression and I find writing is the only outlet for my emotions, it has helped me so much!

    My mother and maternal family are from Cape Town, beautiful city. We used to go there often, and I still holiday there when I can! I was raised in Johannesburg, but am now in Sydney.

    Thank you for sharing your writing! You visited my site last year with a greeting, after an initial start I didn’t know how to continue. I’m attempting the daily prompts to try and find inspiration, and get practice in writing!

  17. Hello Adrian, you sound like a happy soul who is well grounded. Major depression is a beast. It’s good to put it *out there* for people to have a glimpse at the reality of it. It is a courageous thing to do, baring the soul. Thank you – and thank you for the follow of my blog. I appreciate it and wish you many joyous years poeming 🙂

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