Every Single Day

11, going on 21, she drives me mad
Demanding, arguing, correcting
Never quiet, unless sulking
Lazy as a an toad, unless playing
Always hungry, and always untidy
And late, good God, always late
I got divorced for less
But, she tells me that she loves me
Every single day, every single day
From the morning, until she sleeps
She tells me that she loves me
Every single day, every single day
10 times a day, every single day
She is the love of my life

I Can

I know, I know, I am but one, just one man
But I believe that I can make a difference, I can
Like a mosquito in a room at night, I know I can
And I must, for my child, and yours, I know I must

I can stand before a line of tanks, halting the attack
Or place a flower in the barrel of a rifle, hugging a soldier
I can speak to the masses convincing of love and understanding
And I can sit beneath the treen freeing my soul eternally

I can work with the poor, even if only an hour a day
Feed a hungry dog who is lost, or perhaps a stray cat
Not eat any animals for a while, ending the killing
Or just smile at a lonely stranger, with pure sincerity

There is so much that I can do, and perhaps you may follow
And perhaps your neighbour too, and his neighbour too
For it is so easy to make peace a lifestyle, a common habit
I can do it, I believe that I can, and I am doing it now

Their Mission

She said “what can I do?. How can I help?
I am a mother of three, I have not the time?
I so want peace for my children, so want it
But I am alone, three children, what can I do?”

He said ” you are more important than any
For you are the mother, the teacher, the guide
Show your children that there is no path to peace
That peace is the path, the only path

Teach that it will always be better to give
To serve, to offer love, compassion, understanding
That forgiveness is mightier than any gun or sword
And that your children are the future, our future

Guide them to know that peace begins within
To love themselves,to live without ego and anger
True humility will bring more happiness than fame
And that the quiet voice will always prevail in truth

Show that wealth can never be shown by assets
But in health, in freedom, in tranquility with all
And the greatest men of all where those of honor
Who stood tall when others began to fall

Ask them to stand, stand for what is right, true
For not standing means standing for nothing
A soul full of virtues is mightier than the money
A heart full of love is the loudest call of all

Teach them Mother, for you are their leader
Your dialogue in crisis will present your truth
With your gentle and loving touch of love
Preparing your sacred children for their mission

I Want

I want to connect to your mind

Fly on your dreams high and free
Swim with your thoughts
Make peace with your woes
And celebrate with your joys

I want to dance with your peace
Follow you to your rainbow
Or any path you take
And see your clear waters
Calm serenity, sheer beauty

I want to see your feelings true
Feel them wrap around me
Like a scarf in the winter snow
Warming me with your virtues
And your sincerity of life

I want to breathe the air around you
Inhale your fragrance in the breeze
Fly like a butterfly beside you
And fall gently to the ground
To rest beside you, and with you

Happy Faces

Don’t knock, come in, my door is open, to you, to all
Please come in, please sit down, may I offer you anything
I see you are angry, and I am sorry. Did I cause you anger
Please sit, please sit, please talk to me, please talk to me

I am really sorry that you feel that way; I am deeply sorry
My intention was never to hurt you, please understand that
But hear me, I beg you, that I am so deeply grateful to you
For sharing with me your frustration, your pain, your hurt

Now I can see you how the grass grows low on your field
I understand the anguish you feel with the river dries fast
Please bring your containers, my dams are full, please hurry
For today I can help you, today I want to help you. Please

Perhaps we could build a canal to fill your dam rapidly
Yes, that would be quicker, far more successful. Yes indeed
No, I have more water than I need, more but importantly
I need you to thrive, for we are interdependent; totally

My success is dependent on yours, as yours is on mine
There is so much to share, including deep responsibility
Work, blood, sweat and toil, we need to share it all
For the sun prefers to set on smiling faces, happy faces

Never Shall You

Never shall you love another, until you have learnt to love yourself
Your true self, your authentic self, and the self you were created as
The same self that our parents and teachers lure us away from
Indoctrinating us into conformity, alleviating fears of alienation

Never shall you forgive another until you have forgiven yourself
Of the burdens you have carried, of the regrets that have blurred
Your soul, your ability to be free of guilt, of the tarnish painted
Within yourself, by yourself, so often unwarranted; debilitating

Never shall you understand another until you understand yourself
The highs and lows of your emotions, the joys and sorrows
The confusions with change, the excitement of growth and age
All wisdom, deep wisdom never to be learnt from books alone

Never shall you show true compassion to any living being
Until you have learnt true compassion for yourself within
To love yourself, to forgive yourself, to understand yourself
And to allow yourself to find your own path to peace and freedom


Even the smallest flame can lead to a massive inferno
A smouldering log, a tiny spark, all as lethal as lightning
Burning, yearning to spread through the dry logs of anger
Long forsaken by the rains of love, forgiveness and hope

Deep burns that flame within, the one hidden with the body
Hidden from the conscious mind, but destroying the soul
Slowly, often too slowly to feel, until the hole grows big
The burn begins to ache, causing action, wild reaction

Most dangerous of all is the flame, this burn, this hurt
Of anger, frustration, confusion and misunderstanding
Of how to let go of the pains that dwell within, eating
Destroying the opportunity of peace within, calm waters

Stop, sit, breath, and see what it is that burns, and why
For you alone need to discover the smouldering logs
The smoking coals, hidden beneath the clouds of dark
You alone can need to find this heat, and calm it

With love, with forgiveness, with understanding
Of yourself, of who you are, and why you are you
Where you come from, where you have been
And where you are going to. Go calm, go happy

But I Must

I have wrapped the practice of the red-robed around me
Sitting for many hours, trying to find my peace within
Letting go of all that binds me, practicing mindfulness
Learning compassion, understanding, tolerance and love
For this is what I must, this is what we must do, all
For there is no path to peace: peace is the path alone

I try to let go of anger, misunderstanding and ego
I try, although it is hard, so hard, so deeply inbred
That is comes pouring out like lava from a volcano
When moments of madness disturb my serenity
Moments of violence, terror, horror, destruction
Soul destroying forever, absolutely soul destroying

Because I do not know what to do, I do not know
My upbringing has taught me to avenge, ruthlessly
To make right the wrong of the evil, the purely bad
I seek not justice, I seek vengeance, unmercifully
Honestly hoping to tenfold the pain they caused
Yes, honestly, this is my wish, my desire, my need

Resulting in me behaving as they do, barbarians
Of absolutely no worth, useless to all forms of life
My tears of frustration match my tears of sorrow
As I head back to my tree, sit and begin to breath
To find a way to forgive, to spread love and peace
But it is hard, it is so hard, too hard. But I must

I cannot fight for peace; nobody can fight for peace
For we have to practice it, beginning within
Then spreading it, one person at a time
With love and true compassion, true love
I want to fight, but I am learning, albeit slowly
I cannot fight for peace; I can stand for peace

Play in the Park

Tears fall from the devastated soul of the Mona Lisa
Ignoring the blood stains on the Champs-Elyees
The Arc de Triomphe reminds the people of unity
And the Eifel Tower rattles in it frustration and anger

The Jeito Grotto darkens, forsaking the sun rays
And the plants wither in the Rene Moawad Gardens
The snow melts on the Mzaar Kfardebian
But the blood stains the streets of Beruit still, forever

Aso Rock lowers it’s eyes, forlorn in sorrowful morn
And the animals of Yankari hide beneath trees
Nigeria’s good people head for the Abuja Mosque
And the National Church, united in prayer for peace

The huge locks of the arsenals are being unlocked
As the powers that be meet, angry, frustrated, tired
Of hoping for sanity to prevail, for humanity to breathe
Confusing vengeance and justice, yet growing excited

One drop of blood always breaks the dam walls
And now it shall flow, unwelcomed, so unwelcomed
So many will die, too many will die, oh why, oh why
In this madness of arrogance, dogmatic fools. Morons

He said we should give peace a chance, he sang
They gather and they pray, the demand, they expect
As we no longer allow our children to walk to school
Or play in the park. No, it is unsafe to play in the park

I See

Years have passed, my skin wrinkles, my eyes are weaker
But I can see clearly now, for my mind is clearing, calming
Releasing all the garbage that was forced into it tortuously
In the name of education, civilization, they said. Barbarians

I can see that the strong are not those who fight, no
For the fighters are the weak, the frighten, the insecure
Angry and hungry hyenas savaging for the next meal
Moving in a pack, afraid to be alone, wary of the lion

I see the strong as those who offer the hand of peace
Standing alone, all alone, stopping a train of tanks
Always mindful of the needs of others, living mindfully
Powered by the inbred wisdom of what is right and wrong

I see the wise are not those who shout loudly for all to hear
On top of the hill, lights shining and words thundering
But the quiet ones who listen, offering advice when asked
And spending many hours solving their problems within

I see the beautiful not as those who adorn fine silks and wools
Parading like walking mannequins, fooling themselves only
But those who serve, who love, who give unconditionally
Of themselves, compassion, love, tolerance and peace for all

I see the wealthy not as those residing in mansions with fences
But those who open their doors to strangers, their hearts too
Who give as they can, who offer all, whilst asking for nothing
And then sleep on the floor offering their bed to the weak